Our Package included a Audio System with Quality, enough number of PA Speakers that can cover your venue. 
And the system will ensure Johnson Wedding Band maintain same quality in almost every venues
We are aclaimed to tell that our equipment is one of the best in the Evets Live & Wedding Band Market.

Top Class Digital Piano & Jazz Organ

As Johnson Ho is the soul of our live band, we always use top digital piano and jazz organ models.
In example Johnson Ho usually perform with his Hammond B3p which is over 100k HKD. 

*We have small equipments for small venues

Other Instruments

A good instrument should sound crystal-clear and full, which enables audience to listen to every note clearly and comfortably. 

We use top models 
We always choose the models that are suitable for your events, which is never noisy. 


Mixer is the equipment that mixes the sounds of every instrument and microphone together.
High quality mixers ensure your guests can enjoy the great performance with a crystal-clear, grand and comfortable tone by our band. 

House Speakers

Good Speakers with sufficient tuning provide clear and comfortable sound which is never harsh to your ears.
We usually use QSC, DIVA for small & medium venues. For big venues, we have L-Acoustic. (not included in normal packages)

Monitor Speakers

Monitor Speakers are important to musicians. 
A good monitor speaker not only allow musicians to play accurate and also in the right mood.

This ensure the band perform at their best conditions.


In a event, very note you hear sounds from the PA Speakers. So we have to use microphone to pickup every note .

That's why we use the very good microphone such as Shure, DPA, Beyerdynamic and Sennhrisre.


Different venues need different equipments.
​​​​​​​We have different size of equipment to fit nearly all venues in Hong Kong.

Small Size

For some extra small venues (eg. party at your house!)  we have small setup to fit your need.

So never worry about the space. There should be a solution!

Medium Size

Suitable for most hotel venues.
Our company has a full size Audio System which can cover all hotel ballrooms in Hong Kong with balanced, comfortable and clear sound. 

Big Size

For Exhibation Size, we have good relationship with a few good quality Audio Engeneering Company.
With their help we can provide Line-Array Speaker System and also superier lighting.