The magic of a Wedding Live Band is not only having a group of a musician playing background music. Our team rearranges the song order and even the song on the fly to perfectly match every special moment!

Romantic Wedding Music

Romantic Wedding Music


"Romantic" is a very important element of Wedding Music. Most groom and bride prefer a romantic vibe for a march in, reception, ceremony, or dinner session.


That’s not easy to balance. Romantic music is usually downbeat and your guest can easily get bored. When your guest is not interested in the music, the live band becomes an animated decoration…Finally, no one cares about the music anymore


Johnson Wedding Band is one of the best on the market. We know the secret is to maintain a good balance between groove and romantic - not too much, just enough.


Popular Romantic Music

March In
Dinner Music

Have Fun With The Wedding Band


If you want to have a party time with your guests, then you are at the right place.

We are a group of funny people. If you like, we can turn your Wedding banquet into a Party!


If you are going to have a dance session, let us know before your booking. We will suggest a suitable Live Band combination and suitable musicians. 


*If you want to have a serious performance with the band, we can also arrange a music production service. We can tailor the song and rehearsal for you and Johnson Ho can be the music director to polish your performance.


Table Toast

Table Toast


Table toast is another important part of a Wedding Party, good friends and family members all together have fun, celebrate the new couples.


During the table toast, romantic music is no longer suitable. Everyone is enjoying the happy moment, moving around and making noise! With our band, we will help to push up guests' emotions and make it an unforgettable moment of your life!


Popular Party Music

Modern Party Music
Traditional Party Music





Hot Songs To Choose








Sometimes, we need to play some chill music to avoid guests getting bored with too many romantic tunes...

There are also some cases where some young couples simply don't like the wedding focus on romantic, they love to have a chilling vibe


Popular Chilling Music

Let's Chill

Interact With The Wedding


A Wedding Band is important to interact with the MC, the Groom, and the Bride on stage. 


Every simple part like romantic piano bgm during groom/bride's speech (and some special effect when the groom says "I LOVE YOU"), fanfare whenever MC or someone is going on stage, special music for cut cake and toasting...

All of these can push up the vibe to another level and create a special memory for the couples. As all of this music is improvised on the fly, it all depends on what is happening so every time it's unique.


Jazz Wedding

Classy Jazz Music


Jazz Music is a different vibe, it is classy and traditional. Our standard lineup can play both pop music, pop tunes in Jazz style, and some simple jazz standard, which make our performance flexible. 


Jazz Wedding Music is splendid for a pre-banquet session like reception, cocktails and the 1st session of the wedding(the session before march-in)

Some clients love to have Jazz Music throughout the whole night, we have a special Jazz Lineup that features some very best Jazz Musicians in town!


Popular Jazz Tunes

Jazz Standard
Pop Music (Rearrange)


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